Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To'ilose!

My middle child (#3) turned 6 on April 8th and has been waiting for that day for the last 2 weeks. She literally was doing a countdown. It was almost annoying because it was like, "12 more days til my birthday, right Mom?.... 8 more days til my birthday right Mom?" all the way down to..."Tomorrow is my birthday huh Mom?!?!" She really really wanted to go to Maui with Ronnie and Dave's family since Raasse was joining them but I told her she was staying in Utah for her birthday and she was bummed at first and kept saying, "Me and Raasse should switch since I got all A's and Raas got only B's." Lol! But my sister in law Tofi got a buddy pass for her to go to Maui so I surprised her with her birthday trip right before Ronnie them picked them up to go the airport. She was sooooo excited she said absolutely nothing. She just had a look of surprise and astonishment but completely mute. And if you know how Lose is, she is so talkative and just gibber gabbers all day.....which IS annoying. But when something is really exciting or makes her super happy, she's pretty much SPEECHLESS and she gets really embarrassed. I can't explain how you can put those two emotions together but Lose can. Thanks Tofi and Dave for the buddy passes for my two....and thanks for adding them to your travel group that already was a party of 9. Here's a pic of Lose right before she left to the airport with big sis Sei.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holoholo in Hawai'i

Earlier this month I went back home to Maui to visit my parents and to just GET AWAY from it all and get some well deserved R & R. I brought Seijah and Kal with me and left the other 3 kiddies with Ronnie and Dave. Thanks you two for lending your child care services! Much appreciated! After a terrible 7 hour flight because we were flying against the wind, we arrived in Maui which by the way was PERFECT. I'm talking 75 degree weather pretty much the whole time we were there until the last day when it jumped to 84. I visited with my mom whom I hadn't seen since last April! We ate fish (EVERY day), puaka tunu, ota, oh man...the list goes on. We ate fish so much, Kal woke up in the morning asking for it. I took the kids to Homemade Bakery in the mornings to enjoy fresh hot malasadas. Of course I had to hit up Jack in the Box for some sourdough jacks and some breakfast. Anytime we go to Hawaii, 80% of the time is spent eating! Wasn't able to eat at some restaurants I was planning on like Hanafuda's in Kihei which because of the economy closed down. Even the ONLY 7-11 in Kihei closed down. I took my running shoes with me just in case I had the running bug to run our old route on S. Kihei Road but my lazy 'okole basically posted up in front of the tv or slept if i wasn't eating. Mid week we went to visit my Dad and mom in Lana'i which you have ride 45 min. on a ferry to get to. HATED the ride, but worth it to see my dad and mom for a few days. All in all, enjoyed my paradise home but couldn't wait to come back to my 2nd home, Utah.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Old Pictures....

I haven't seen this picture forever and i love old pictures and old memories. Just a quick background on this photo... we took it at South Towne Mall at some photo studio there. I can't remember the name....argh! It's gonna bug me until i remember. Sisters, help me out. Anyways, my brother Billy was the reason for this picture. We took different shots with our personal families and what not but my mom wanted one with just us and Elder Wright. After we were done with this session, we went straight to the MTC to send him off. He served in Samoa and came back fluent in Samoan AND Tongan. We only had 3 grandkids at this time...Seijah, Siaosi and Raass were it. Lele was still single too! Ha! Anyways, just thought I'd share this picture. Lele, I think u have the BIG ONE with everyone in it. Wish I had a smaller version of that to post on here cause the three little ones were soooo young and cutie!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ending the year of 2008

Seriously, 2008 came and went faster than I expected it to. I'm beginning to realize that the older I get, time flies by quicker! I noticed and learned alot in '08. I noticed how fast the kids are growing and how I only have a handful of years left with my older kids before they leave home to spread their wings in whatever endeavor the choose to, missions, love, etc. Or just to get away from their crazy mom! I honestly have so much to be grateful for in my life and there's really no sufficient way to express my gratitude for all I am blessed with. In 2008, my youngest, Kalvin (#5), learned to count to 12, learned and accepted the whole "Mommy has to go to work now" concept, sit through a haircut, pick his own clothes out, and other AMAZING things only myself would consider to point out. My numero cuatro child, Aolele, graduated to the toilet, gained opinions and thoughts, stayed in Nursery without me having to sit in then sneak out, became very aware of her physical self (Mommy, i wanna be cute. Can u make my hair pretty?) Speaking of hair...she also gave herself her 1st haircut...spikey bangs and all. My middle moffat #3...To'ilose started Kindergarten this year. Big one! Also, she knows how to find specific songs in wmp that she loves and girl cannot read that well either, and so it be interesting to actually find out her method of finding these songs. She climbed the rockwall at our local rec center with no harnesses mind you and passed the black line (which amateurs must pass). My oldest son and second born, Raasse, started his 1st year in tackle football. Basketball skills improved, more confidence on the court. Still my shy and quiet child (at school and public places) but at home, a rowdy jokester. Seijah my number #1 danced her first tau'olunga, tried out for comp soccer and made Avalance Premiere U-10 (1st yr), cooked her own saimini (lol), learned to actually ENJOY and LOVE reading (finally), etc. etc. I really could go on and on and on.... but there's only so much I can type before you start skimming to the end of this blog if you haven't already.